At Blissful Wellness we have ONE MISSION

Rooted in the belief of the resilient human spirit, Blissful Wellness empowers its patients to resurrect the true self.
Be who you were meant to be.

Blissful Wellness is a medically supervised weight loss center in Jacksonville, FL that treats patients as unique individuals and provides them with tools to achieve what is important …a life changing experience. What separates us from other weight loss centers are:

Physician Supervised

From your first consultation, reaching your weight goal, and maintaining your healthy lifestyle after, our medical physicians will be by your side, helping you with any questions you have with your individual weight loss plan.

Customized Plans

Every person has different medical needs, weight loss goals, and time in their week to dedicate to living a healthy lifestyle. We understand that, and tailor our plans to your unique biological needs, weight loss goals, and schedule.

Support Community

Beating bad habits and living a healthy life is easier with people around you jumping the same hurdles. We have a community of similar people that want to help and share their experiences with you.

Maintenance Plans

The hardest part isn’t losing the weight, its keeping it off. After losing the initial weight and completing their weight loss plans, we will be by our patients side helping you maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

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